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in surface-disturbing activities on your land. >> california's new gold rush. but there's a catch. the letters going out to homeowners telling them they don't open what they think they do. >>> you see warning signs everywhere. why you're about to see one on your couch. >>> plus, why it's a bad idea to mix tea and milk. but the best rest event ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ after liquid gold. prospectors want to tap int4 billion barrel >>> there's a new gold rush in california. only this time, they're after liquid gold. prospectors want to tap into 14 billion barrels of unexplored oil reserves. it lies deep under a stretch of land called the monterey shale. it starts at the southern end of the bay area and runs almost down to l.a. and our cbs 55 allen martin explains homeowners are finding out they don't own what they think they do. >> reporter: it's jay's favorite pass time. quail hunting. that's why he bought 1400 acres of land. >> they're a surface owner. >> reporter: but a letter has him worried. >> it's our understanding that you are
. by the time you wake up tomorrow, it may be a dime higher. the average price for a gallon of gas in california is now 4.32. that's after going up nine cents just last night. and a cbs 5 reporter shows us some california gas stations are running low. kit? >> reporter: liz, it is even worse than the experts have predicted for some gas stations. for example, this chevron in san jose, on tuesday, people were complaining about a 20- cent jump overnight. since that time, the price has gone up another 40 cents. now some gas stations themselves are running empty. >> refinery-ageddon has already begun. several stations have locked up pumps after running out of gas. supply is down because a power surge knocked a refinery in torrence offline. and it's not the only one. a chevron crude oil pipeline through central california is shut down due to safety problems. and the chevron refinery in richmond still hasn't recovered from the fire in august. brace your wallets. >> we have never seen a spike like this. this is brand-new territory. >> reporter: mike has to sell regular unleaded at 4.89 a gallon just to s
. the >>> california gas is now more expensive than hawaii. prices are jumping $0.17 overnight. the emergency that the government is considering to ease the pain at the pump. >>> brace yourselves for gridlock this weekend. how some people are making money off of all the extra cars. >>> a new way to get travel deals and it's different than anything that's been done before. >>> good evening i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook, dana has the night off. california gas prices have never been higher. now we're paying an average of $4.49 per gallon. overnight the price spiked $0.17. now the government may take action. cbs5 reporter sharon chin explains how a simple switch could ease the pain at the pump, sharon? >> reporter: well liz here at this gas station as you can see here, they are high. more than $5 in other locations. it's no mistake, $5.39 a gallon for regular are unleaded at this cupertino station. >> i think it's robbery. >> reporter: californians are paying the highest gas prices in the u.s. an average of $4.49 per gallon a regular. $0.11 higher in san francisco. nowhere near the natio
, president obama says his california supporters need to get "almost obsessive about lobbying family and friends in the battle ground states." he made the comment during that brief fundraising swing through san fransisco that ended an hour ago. linda ye with the president's appeal for four more years. >> reporter: a few cheers from the street and the president arrived at civic auditorium for two more fund raisers. first a private $20,000 a plate dinner party for a hundred guests. for everyone else concert tickets started at $200, for john legend and the president. >> hello fridays. >> reporter: san fransisco. >> reporter: he asked for support, and his loudest cheers came when he spoke about what he's accomplished. >> we have health reform, aka obamacare. >> reporter: he added his own big bird jokes that started after governor romney promised cuts in grants to pbs. >> somebody is cracking down on big bird. elmo has been seen in a white suburban, driving for the border. governor romney's plan is to let wall street run wild again but he's going to bring the hammer down on seasme street.
for funding his education. >> what a california school is accused of doing to make students squeeze money out of their parents. >>> and they look real, but it turns out almost 40% are fake. how yelp is going undercover and making it easier for you to spot phony reviews. >>> it's definitely one of the greatest moments of sports history. >> i got it back and scored. >> next thing i knew, i was down. >>> the four seconds that redefined the cal-stanford rivalry. remembering the play, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,, thirty-eight mean? funding. restores what we've lost... music and science labs. and your school. can get a world-class education. and sacramento can't touch it. me? wrapping paper to raise mon. raise money. but one california school is accusef requiring kids to ask for donations, o >>> many students sell candy or wrapping paper to raise money. but one california school is accused of requiring kids to ask for donations or risk getting a bad agreed. a mother whose son attends the los angeles county high school for the arts says students were given homework requiring them to ask their family a
669 in the middle of next month. >>> california's unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest level in three and a half years, and the bay area is getting credit. last month, the state's jobless rate fell to 10.2%, down from 10.6% in august. in the bay area, there was a net increase of nearly 5,000 jobs, almost all of the growth came from alameda and contra costa counties. >> we saw four sectors in particular gain jobs, education and health services, financial, even leisure and hospitality. >>> well, the political cease fire didn't last too long, after playing nice at a charity event last night. today the candidates were back at it. president obama delivered his harshest speech yet, repeatedly using terms like sketchy, snow job and sales pitch. tonight, mitt romney hit right back. campaign strategists say it's only going to get worse. >> i mean, he's changing up so much, backtracking and sidestepping, we gotta name this condition that he's going through. i think it's called romnesia. >> the president accused romney of switching positions on abortion, tax cuts and energy production.
. they're blaming a host of maintenance problems at refineries. one in particular in southern california couldn't take the heat. the record heat that's been sweeping across the state was apparently too much for the power grid in southern california. the exxon mobile shut down yesterday. a transformer mal functioned. compare that with the chevron refinery in richmond and you have a perfect storm for gas prices. the wholesale cost shot up $1.06 in a week. retail prices could spike by 30 cents. station owners may have oh sell unleaded at $4.75 just to break even. it's going to be painful for deb, whose suv gets 12 miles to the gallon in the city. blaming high gas prices on the heat is farfetched. >> the gas company finds any reason they can. if it's going to be the heat, it's just another excuse. >> reporter: if california doesn't pick up production soon we could see a worse case scenario of $5 gas. for the lowest gas prices check out cbssf.com. >> how does someone disappear without a trace? that's what family and friends of a missing bay area man want to know. he was last seen leaving a fr
% called it for mitt romney. >> california were even more convinced. 56% of those surveyed called the president the clear winner. part of the reason they say the president was engaged and seemed better prepared than before. it was his perform thans that really -- performance that set the tone. >> and very little of what governor romney said was true. >> reporter: and with that we saw a different mr. obama. >> you stood in front of a coal. >> okay. ponented at -- plant and pointed at it and says this plan kills and took pride in shutting it down and now you're a big champion in coal. what i try to do is be pretty consistent. >> have you looked at your pension? >> i don't look at mine. it's not as big as yours. >> reporter: governor romney was clearly prepared and he stayed on message. >> my priority is on jobs. we can't afford four more years like this. >> reporter: what was different in round 2? the tone was often combative. >> i don't believe you're a person who will be pushing for oil and gas and coal. you will get your chance in a moment. that was a statement. >> you said in th
, the giants have won. except tonight his daughter is in southern california. >>> mayor edwin lee and detroit mayor david binge have agreed on their world series bets. a little late but they got it in. the winner will visit the other city and do a little community service. there you go. >>> a middle schoolteacher is under arrest, suspected of selling drugs. police found a pound of pot and 4200 in his car, in the school's parking lot. 66-year-old allen goodman is a teacher at hercules middle school. officers searched his walnut creek home and say they found evidence of a marijuana grow and a large amount of cash. >>> another bay area teacher is having problems, not with drugs but with books. the school district won't let her use certain books in class. so cbs 5 reporter shows us she has come up with a plan b. >> every day, doing what i do best. >> reporter: it's a powerful pulitzer-prize winning play. but students will not be allowed to learn about it in a classroom. angels in america is a behind- the-scenes story about the reagan determination to reject federal research funding for aids. it
people in 19 states have gotten sick, including two in california. this widespread recall follows a trader joe's peanut butter recall last month. >>> two american airlines flights had to make emergency landings this week because of an unusual problem. seats that are coming loose during the flight. and as cbs 5 reporter christin ayers explains, several jets are now grounded for inspection. >> reporter: a terrifying mishap that has happened two times in three days on american airlines flight. it's just the latest blunder for a carrier under fire for a host of labor issues. >> roger. got an unusual one for you. >> reporter: a bizarre breakdown on board american airlines flight saturday. >> passengers are unable to sit in that seat. >> reporter: you heard that right. a row of three seats suddenly unbolted from the floor of the plane. >> we don't know what kind of turbulence we have. >> reporter: the plane was bound for miami from boston but the pilots were forced to turn the aircraft around for an emergency landing in new york. but that wasn't the end. it happened again today. seats o
. northern california homeowners, what they are being warned not to do. >>> good evening. i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. no torture at at&t park tonight, unless of course you're a cardinals fan. the giants come up big, to even the score. the nlcs, cbs 5 sports director dennis o'donnell joins us with game 2 highlights. dennis? >> thank you. ryan vogelsong brilliant for the giants on the mound tonight. bottom line is they had to win game 2, and they did that. but it may have come at a price. let me show you what happened. it was scoreless in the first when matt holliday went hard into second base, trying to break up a double-play. marco scutaro's leg buckled awkwardly and it took a minute for him to get up. for the time being, he was okay, and he actually got some payback. three-run score after holliday bobbled the baseball. the baseball gods were with the giants there. they win 7-1. so the series is now tied at one game apiece. as for marco scutaro, i'll have an update coming up in the sportscast as well as reaction, very mixed, on whether or not that slide was too aggressive. b
view. >> a man tries to board california with a smoke grenaded body bag as that is not all. and so what was this guy up to? >> they will be gasping for air. >> this bay area dad lost his son because of dessert. >> it was the most heartbreaking day of our life. >> the life saving crusade to protect 12 million kids from food allergies. >>> good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. we have breaking news out of san francisco tonight. suspended sheriff will keep his job. the board of supervisors just wrapped up a nine-hour hearing with that decisive vote. and cbs5 reporter linda yee is live outside city hall with the sheriff's reactions. >> reporter: definitely some stunning developments tonight. a majority of the supervisors did agree that the sheriff did commit the official misconduct charges and therefore should be removed from office, but nine votes, they are needed to remove anyone from elected office. it didn't happen. so it appears that he will get his job back as that their marathon hearing began nine hours ago with public testimony from more than 100 people. it was the superv
that california is billions of dollars this debt right now. but it appears that some caltrans employees are making an end run around the governor's order to cut costs. they were caught on camera buying wine, shopping at nordstrom's, while they were still on the clock. cbs 5 reporter david goldstien follows the money. >> i can show it to you right now. can i show it to you right now? >> reporter: the governor didn't want to look at our video. we caught this caltrans employee buying a case of wine. this one shopping for shoes. this one buying food. all driving away in these $30,000 pickup trucks rented by caltrans with your money. >> you're on state time. you just bought a case of wine. >> no comment. >> reporter: we found employees using dozens of these new pickup trucks. >> ford f150. >> reporter: rented by caltrans, even though the agency had been ordered by the governor to reduce its fleet to save money. caltrans has put the for sale sign on more than 1300 vehicles since the governor's directive. but according to documents, the agency is renting as many as 200 vehicles a month. we discovered mon
, this is one of the highest profile kidnapping cases in northern california. mckayla's mom has always held out to a sliver of hope she'd see her daughter again sometime. that's changing now. >> i think that this is quite possibly it. >> reporter: finally, mckayla garrett's mom is ready to end her daughter's search. >> this just... >> reporter: missing from hayward since 1988, a sketch of mckayla's alleged kidnapper looks alarmingly similar to speed freak serial killer herzog, and herzog's partner wesley shermantine wrote a jailhouse letter that reads herzog had family that lived in the valley, right by mckayla. >> they would place her in the area. >> reporter: now this new clue, a child's bone, discovered mixed in with other speed freak murder victims. thanks to a mom on her own mission for answers. it's a discovery law enforcement on the case either didn't know about or kept secret. >> that is truly shameful. i have to thank joanne hobson's family, because they received their daughter's remains, and rather than just accepting it, they went to the trouble of having it tested. >> reporter: now
criticism for hefty rate hikes and huge profits health insurer blue shield of california is giving back to the tune of $50 million to customers. >> affordability before profit. we think it's important to try to make it more affordable and returning $50 million to our customers by the end of the year is proof we're continuing to fulfill our 2% pledge promise. >> reporter: here's how it works. blue shield says all of its customers will receive the credit by december in the mail. per individual $25 credit. for a family of four $75. depending on premiums. for those employers the company said the average credit for employee will be $40. that can add up. >> it helps offset their cost and allows them to offer additional benefits. >> reporter: the company is already returned more than $470 million to customers for 2010 and 2011. >> i have a football that everybody is talking at. who was the last a's outfielder to win a gold glove? the answer is next. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, this is hayden. ,,,,,, that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took
from l.a.x. to the california science center. the clearances will be as little as six inches in some spots. >> and what do you do then? >> we just move very carefully, slowly. we tell people to open their windows. >> the shuttle will shuffle along between one and two miles an hour aboard a multi-million dollar transporter that can turn on a dime, allowing endeavour to zig and zag its way past trees and buildings and other obstacles. >>> well, the new iphone knows where you are at all times. turns out, apple has quietly started tracking users again and telling advisers what they want to know. you don't like it? well, here's how to opt out. it's not that easy. pay attention. >> reporter: keeping advertisers from tracking you through your iphone is a lot harder than it should be. from here, where do you think you would go to turn off that tracking? >> hmm. >> reporter: everyone we asked outside the apple store in palo alto, thought you would turn off tracking by going under the privacy settings. >> where do you think tracking would be? >> i would think it would be in privacy. >> it's ac
, in california, starbucks says it doesn't use everify that program that checks to see whether a person is here in the country legally or not. starbucks says that la boulange didn't use it either. >> sharon, you did talk to an employee who said he was an american citizen. did you talk to any others and were they having a problem with what this may possibly do? >> yeah. for example, the very first gentleman that we talked to the one wanted his face as well as his voice disguised said he got that letter he saw a picture of that letter that he is one who is an illegal immigrant worked for the company at la boulange for years and said he is upset. he worked for the company, invested his time and care in the company and now suddenly because lack of being a citizen he is being asked to leave. he says some people in the same boat as he are looking for other jobs and others of them have two jobs. so yeah. >>> it's like a wild movie plot in l.a. i mean, look at this. a surreal sight to say the least. one that will go down in history. thousands of people lined up to watch the space shuttle endeavour sque
in california. cbs 5's frank mallicoat shows us how just five minutes can save the lives of dozens of pets. >> reporter: debbie gross and her husband bruce love their dogs. the couple prepared to do all they could to save her life. >> we wanted to give her the best possible chance, so we went forth with the surgery. >> reporter: torry needed a blood transfusion, a transfusion made possible by uk davis's all-volunteer blood bank. >> we have dogs that come in that have anemia, we have some that have trauma. >> reporter: this is nothing new for davis's veterinary hospital. they actually do about 800 doggy blood transfusions per year. is that right, shorty? come on. >> we use the same collection system for the dogs as we do for humans. >> reporter: dogs can donate monthly and need to be between one and eight years old, at least 55 pounds, in good health, and heart worm negative. they also need a good temperament. dogs give blood through a vein in their neck. during the five-minute procedure, they continually give these dogs treats to keep them calm. joey's donations have helped save the lives
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)